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Imagination has been working overtime here at He has to because we acquired his services for an undisclosed period in an exclusive rights sold contract! For legal purposes we cannot divulge the contents of this contract, however this clipping hints at the events that led to Imaginations decision to work with us. I am illustrator Robert "Bob" Steinman and through my partnership with Right Side of the Brain Technology Inc., we formed the Creative Juices Alliance. A team of specialists trained in the fine art of persuasion and intimidation. This team was formed for the sole purpose of extracting and taming intellectual content from Mr. Imagination, by whatever means possible. I am the overseeing executor/ head bigwig in charge and it is my responsibility to ensure quality control during these "extracts". The visible figureheads that makeup the acting body of, the Voices In My Head, are each knowledgeable experts in their specific disciplines. We certainly expect great things to come from their employment here! As taminglight matures and expands, we will be adding new and improved members to the roster to facilitate any necessary demands. Until that time does arise, please meet our current team:
composed by Bob Steinman
whilst out on safari, hunting
monkeys in the French Alps
art stars
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