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VISIT DEVELOPMENT development imagery used to convey a visual concept
This section displays images that will probably never see print. Their primary use is to provide visual guidelines to other artists, such as digital modelers, etc. so they are able to produce their content and maintain a cohesive look while doing so.
concept design, visual development, characters, environments
VISIT RENDERINGS renderings my painting over client supplied guidelines
This section contains images that began as drawn work by another artist, (whether as lined perspectives or rough napkin scribbles) and I refined it for its eventual presentation, by giving it depth, form and texture with paint.
an assortment of imagery created through collaboration with other artists
VISIT PRODUCTION production imagery used as support for larger collateral
This section contains images that will be used for print, film or animated entertainment. Unlike the ideas section, this imagery tends to be more finalized and defined. It is the final level of art that will be seen by the viewing public.
illustration, cartooning, background and matte painting, packaging art
VISIT EXPERIMENTAL experimental imagery that strays from the normal recipe
This section contains art that is purely based on whim, inspiration or the need to explore. As an artist I continually find myself wanting to break the rules that sometimes become a hindrance, so this gallery gives me a place to do just that.
an assortment of imagery that focuses on exploring new visual outlets