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Updated Often!
The images below represent the newest additions to my art and illustration portfolio. They will change as I produce new work, so check back often to see what I'm up to.

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11/21/06 - tutorial
setup and painting techniques for digital painting

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Please visit my blog, Bob's LOG, for regular updates of work, and to see the development of an illustrated storybook I'm creating.



A catch all collection of older news highlights from past updates on
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2/29/08 - Meez
And another Meez background. Outside the nightclub. Part of a promotion for Snapple Antioxidant water! Safe & Delicious!

2/29/08 - New Interview
This is late news because I have been very busy, but I was recently contacted by Christa over at 2D Valley and asked to take part in their featured artist of the month. Click the link to hear my two cents! There are also some new images there for you to visually munch on.

2/20/08 - Meez
Added another Meez background. A lab scene with a brain in a jar! Delicious!

9/10/07 - Bioshock
got a note from Mike Mattesi that a game he and I worked on way back has been released and we can show what we did. The game (from what I understand) is being rated as a top game on the X-Box 360 platform, and I'm happy to be part of it (now I need a 360 to play it). It's my birthday today if anyone wanted to send me a 360. And hey, I'm 36... coincidence???

12/11/06 - Amateur Illustrator
has posted a mirror to my tutorial, as well as an extracted form of my line grabbing technique from the overall tutorial. Many thanks to Nikki for posting these for me! My site saw a huge increase of traffic since I posted this walkthrough, so it certainly helps my bandwidth. :)

11/21/06 - My digital painting tutorial has its own (hopefully) easy to read section devoted to it
After a couple of weeks of being incredibly busy, I finally found a moment to put together my tutorial (which can originally be found on my blog) into a more cohesive presentation. Hopefully it is easy enough to understand, and my writing isn't too cryptic! Please let me know what you think, and if it's at all helpful... by any stretch of the imagination.

9/1/06 - Coin Wars
Added a bunch of art for this collectable card game. It had a huge amount of potential, but was unfortunately cancelled due to lack of funds. The line work was provided by World Leaders Entertainment, and I painted each one in Photoshop.

8/28/06 - site tech
I have been noticing a lot of hits to my site, where visitors are using Firefox. When I get the time I'm going through the site try and fix any mistakes seen in that browser. If anyone notices any, please let me know. Thanks!

8/22/06 - Meez
Added another Meez background. Make sure you check those juice Jordan retros (#3's)!

8/16/06 - CG Choice Award
This morning, I received an e-mail from Leonard Teo of CgSociety informing me that this painting was awarded the CG Choice Award and is now being displayed on the Choice Gallery at CGTalk. Thanks to CGSociety and the folks over at Ballistic Media.
visit the image thread

8/14/06 - The Venture Brothers
The third episode to air that I did backgrounds on is posted in the projects section...

8/14/06 - Project Update
Three project updates:
1. Meez backgrounds the first in hopefully a series of backgrounds I produced for Michael Dashow (Walrus from the forums) and his company Donnerwood Media.
2. Gnomads character concept paintings for the collectable figurines.
3. Ultima X character concept paintings for the MMORPG. The images from both Gnomads and Ultima X, were produced from drawings penciled by Mike Mattesi of Contagious Concepts.

8/6/06 - The Venture Brothers
The second episode to air that I did backgrounds on is posted in the projects section...
20 Years to Midnight
also, as a note: I-Tunes has each episode available for purchase to play on your I-Pod. If you didn't get to see it on Adult Swim, check it out in the I-Tunes store.

8/3/06 - Lines and Colors
Again!!! I've been honored with another write up! Charley Parker from Lines and Colors, (who mentioned me to Drawn!) informed me today that he has published his thoughts on my work, onto his site. I would like to once again thank Charley for all of his support. Do yourselves a favor and head on over to his site to enjoy all it has to offer!


7/28/06 - Design Inspiration
If you're interested, I recently did an interview for Jeff Andrews over at Design Inspiration. It's a blog designed to help introduce illustrators and designers to other creative professionals. Drop by to check out a pic of me and my dog!

7/26/06 - Drawn!.ca
Wow!!! I browse the site regularly in search of creative inspiration, (which I tend to find quite often). Today, I was shocked to see my own work on display! Many thanks to John Martz over at Drawn! for posting a link to my site. I would also like to extend an extra special thanks to Charley Parker from Lines and Colors for mentioning me to John. I can't begin to tell you guys how much I appreciate the support and interest in my work!


The Venture Brothers
The second season is underway, and the first episode to air that I did backgrounds on is posted in the projects section...
Assassinanny 911

Illustration Mundo
I have been honored with an editor's choice award at Illustration Mundo. Take a stroll on over, search my name, and express your love for me with a super ultra-positive vote.

Flight 3
This painting, has been included in the newest installment of the Flight anthologies. Many thanks to Kazu and the rest of the Flight contributors for the opportunity. I'm already looking forward to volume 4!!!!